Saturday, October 19, 2013

iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S price in Malaysia.

I was trying to find and compare the prices of iPhone 5 from Malaysia Apple Online Store but couldn't find it anymore. Instead, I can only find the price of iPhone 4S 8GB model ONLY (RM 1499 with 24 hours expected delivery time). Weird, why it didn't display the latest iPhone 5 price.

The price of iPhone 5 by Senheng outlets are:

iPhone 5 16GB – RM2,199
iPhone 5 32GB – RM2,499
iPhone 5 64GB – RM2,799

And recently, Malaysian Wireless managed to get an insider information about the price of iPhone 5C and 5S. 

iPhone 5C (16GB) - RM1899

iPhone 5S (16GB) - RM2299
iPhone 5S (32GB) - RM2599
iPhone 5S (64GB) - RM2899

Maybe we just need to wait till Oct. 31 to get the actual prices. Normally Apple will sell their iPhones very much different from the previous models. It could be the same as the last ones. But Malaysians like any other Apple fans around the world will face the challenge to get their hands on the Gold color iPhone 5S since its shortage worldwide.



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