Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Will BlackBerry Z10's market rocket up this year?

By Lenny Marlina (Nina Lia) from Mighty Tech News 

Last week, Malaysia was greeted with the unveiling of the BlackBerry Z30 and the news that early next month the country will be among the first markets to get the latest device is exciting. BlackBerry’s customer numbers have tripled in the last couple of years according Annamalai Muthu, BlackBerry Malaysia’s managing director, thanks in part to a young population and smartphone boom.

It is the emerging markets where BlackBerry has maintained a higher market share and it is only surpassed by Samsung and Apple in Malaysia. So, within this fertile market can the already released Z10 eat up the market?

A lot has been said about the flagship smartphone device that boasts the first BlackBerry touch screen keyboard and the brilliantly useful Hub feature but where does it stand? The analysis seems to be that it is a great phone, one that can hold its own but without any wow features that would make it stand out in a market dominated by Apple and Samsung.

In Malaysia, however, with a subscription base rising 300% it is exciting times and the fact that BlackBerry has launched the latest device in the country is a sign of how integral the Malaysian market is for the company. Add to this that the BlackBerry Z10 price is very competitive and the market share could fly through the roof before the year is out.

The young and educated population of the country is the ideal starting point for a company that is ‘built to keep you moving’ as is proclaims. With mobile penetration at 137%, more than twice as much as the US, on average each of the country’s 28 million people have 1.3 mobile phones. BlackBerry already boasts leading market share in Indonesia, and they’ve adapted to the demand for full-screen smartphones in Malaysia that should result in increased sales and share before the year is out.

A boost in sales and an evident buying power means that Malaysia was not such a surprising choice for the latest BlackBerry launch and also that just because it might not have the leading share in America, there is still plenty left in the tank at BlackBerry. If you add this to the fact that they have pledged to invest further into the industry, this may just be the beginning of the rebirth for the brand.

They may be a late comer to the large screen sector but it’s certainly not too late in terms of Malaysia. The Youth Communication Package is another bonus for the company as the government offers cash rebates for people between 21 and 30 years old who buy a smartphone if they earn under a threshold in order to raise phone usage.

While market share has been lost in Malaysia recently, the BlackBerry 10 platform and smartphones are firmly poised to shake up business and ruffle up the market this year.

About Lenny Marlina (Nina Lia)

Nina Lia has a dream of becoming a journalist working for one of the top news companies. She is a journalism student from Indonesia and planning to continue her study in London or New York. She enjoys reading and travelling.



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