Friday, September 26, 2014

Doodle Using Paper from Fifty Three with Blend Feature

[iPhone 5S Slow-Mo] - Cat Drinking Milk

[Slow-Mo Video iPhone 5S] - My Cat Salt Drinking

Crazy Videos on iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test - Why?

This guy ran a test to bend the iPhone 6+ with his hands after hearing many reports about the bending issues when the phone is in the pocket. Actually, today, it was officially reported that ONLY 9 out of the 10 Million iPhone 6 are found to be bended (probably due to improper usage).

I just can't believe the amount of personal tests people have done on this new iPhone 6 and 6+.
Its all for the sake of getting high amount of hits on their Youtube channel. Imagine a test with Liquid Nitrogen! Who on earth want to wear his iPhone together with the liquid nitrogen. That guy will be dead first before the iPhone!

All of these reported Youtube craps about the quality of iPhone 6 and 6+ are nothing more than trying to get people's attention. Probably being done by Apple haters too.

Apple's devices are always designed with such a high and strict quality. They focused on their hardware much more than any non-Apple devices. Have you ever seen any launching videos from non-Apple phones that focused on the details of their hardware?

Monday, September 22, 2014

[How-To] - Wear iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus in your pants and jacket pockets (Comparison Video)

If you are thinking which new iPhones you wanna buy (either iPhone 6 or the 6 plus), here's a good video that shows how three iPhones (5S, 6 and 6 Plus) can fit into your jacket or pants.


In the end, I think it depends on the user. As for me, since I'm only 5 feet 4 inch tall, my trousers are not as large as tall guys. And most of the time, I place my iPhone 5S onto the belt case. Rarely I placed my 5S into the pants pocket. And imagine wearing a 6 plus with a belt case - don't you think it's slightly too large..?



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