Friday, June 18, 2010

Review: What is it like after 2 months owning an iPad?

Since its official release date on April 3, 2010 (WiFi version), the iPad had received numerous reviews - both good and bad. Many Forums received repeated questions such as should I buy the iPad or not, Macbook Air or iPad, iPad 3G or WiFi, etc.

Many early adopters just cannot wait to own an iPad because Apple release the official iPad only in certain selected countries. Singapore will get their sometime in July 2010 but nowhere in the time frame mentioned about Malaysia.

Personally, I managed to purchase the iPad when I was in Taiwan and ggot it after 2 weeks of its official release. Malaysians also can buy their iPad at some shops especially at Low Yat Plaza or even in some of the Net Forums like Low Yat Net. But the cost is still way too high as compared to the price which was released in USA. Its the price that early adopters need to pay - premium. The advantage is that these users have early experience of using an iPad. It certainly attracts other users in envy.

In my earlier posts (After 1 month), I have indicated how I am going to use the iPad in my daily life. That was quite sometime ago. Okay - what is like after 2 months of using that "awesome" device?

Honestly, not all the things which I wished earlier became true in my daily usage. It needs discipline to make the iPad as your daily companion. So - what are my common applications which I used daily? They are:-

1 - Safari Browser - I used this quite a lot to browse the Net for more information. The ease of browsing is the key factor and I used this almost 80% of my usage time.
2 - Facebook client - Although iPad doesn't have a native application yet, it is still my favorite social networking client. Since I have Jailbreak the iPad, I can "force" the FB client to be like a "native iPad" app (unlike the 2x feature).
3 - Twitter Client - another past time of mine.
4 - ToDo - This app helps to manage my daily Things To Do. Excellent utility to remind me of TTD.
5 - BlogPress - excellent way to update my Blog.

Although I have purchased apps like Goodreader, DocsToGo, iAnnotate PDF, My Library etc. I still don't find the time to use them to the fullest.

The question remained - Are you a Consumer or Creator of contents? For most people, iPad are meant for people who consumed information a LOT more than creating contents. A laptop/notebook/desktop like the Macbook are great in creating contents e.g. word processing, powerpoint, spreadsheet, photo or movie editing etc.

Looking at the usage above, I am still a "Consumer" of information... :-)

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