Sunday, July 18, 2010

Review: iPad - After More than 100 Days

In my previous post, "Review: What is it like after 2 months owning an iPad", I think I have changed my usage ways.

Here's some questions which I saw someone posted on the Internet. Let me answer that:-

  1. So? Answer: Life has never been better with this new kid on my block... :p
  2. So is the battery life ok for you? Answer: The battery life is awesome! It lasts more than 10 hours. In fact, my daily usage rarely require me to recharge the battery and I can leave it overnight.
  3. So is it heavy or awkward to hold on to when you are in full couch-potato slouch? Answer: Its not really heavy because I will normally place the iPad on my lap while browsing.
  4. So does it get hot in your hands when using it for, say, more than an hour? Answer: None at all. Furthermore, I have a Yoobao Case covering the iPad.
  5. So have you tried reading PDF files on it? Answer: Yes - I used either GoodReader, iBook or iAnnotate to read the PDF files.
  6. So can you zoom in and out on PDF files? Answer: Definitely!
  7. So how is it for reading other eBooks on it? Answer: One word - Awesome!
  8. So if you find a video on the internet that you want to download so that you can watch it later, can you do that easily? Answer: Normally, I will either download an .mp4 movies or convert the .avi or any other format to Apple-compatible format (.mp4) and Sync via iTunes. 
  9. Likewise, if you find, say, a PDF document or other file on the internet, can you download that directly to the iPad for later viewing? Answer: Yes, we can either download it and Open the PDF file using the PDF reader apps or we can Sync the PDF files via iTunes.
  10. So if a friend gave you a USB stick with a cool video or PDF file or pictures on it, how do you get those onto the iPad? Answer: Sync via iTunes
  11. So when you play MP3 files, does it play them in order and does it remember the last file played if you turn of the iPad and restart it later? Answer: It will remember the last file played.
  12. So how many people have seen you with it and asked about it? Answer: Many - and I have even appeared in a TV Show (TV9)!
  13. So would you prefer to have had an Android or Windows-based operating system? Answer: None. I am now a hard-core fan of iPad!



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