Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Review: I Am A Student - Is It Worth To Buy an iPad?

This is quite a common question in a lot of Forums.
Personally, I would say - "NO". Reason being, most of the time, these students are trying to justify buying an iPad because they actually love to watch movies, play games, browsing the Net. But they tend to justify by saying "I want to read e-books", "I can write and jot down my ideas and lecture notes", "I can find research materials easily".... BUT its it REALLY TRUE?

How many of them "really" do all that productivity stuff?
Having an iPad and using it really needs a "discipline" ... otherwise, you will be drag to non-productive activities such as watching movies, listening music, playing games, chatting, Facebooking, browsing the Net unproductively.

Malaysians have yet to be familiarize themselves using computer or netbook to complement a lot of the educational activities. Most lectures are conducted using the traditional pen and paper and whiteboard. Unless all of the lectures are using digital, its quite difficult to adapt to these kinds of devices.

I would suggest buy a Laptop rather than buy an iPad unless you have already owned a Laptop and also a filthy rich student.

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