Saturday, May 8, 2010

Review: iLike iPad - How about you?

Don't dive in and buy an iPad for the sake of buying (unless you have tons of cash to throw).
People will ask me why I buy the iPad... Here's the reasons:-
1) I must admit that I am an Apple fan. I go crazy about Apple products. I owned an iPod nano, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, Macbook, Macbook Pro and not forgetting Magic Mouse, Apple TV and Time Capsule.

2) iPad fits nicely in between iPod Touch or iPhone and the Macbook or MBP.

3) It replace your Books and Paper. For example, its iBook is simply fantastic. I purchased apps like Goodreader that can read yr PDF files. If u like annotate yr notes, u can buy iAnnotate PDF, which now I no longer print PDF files. I easily highlight and scribble my pdf files on iPad.

4) I have PaperDesk that simply replaced yr pen and paper or yr notepad.

5) I bought List n Do which organized my To Do List.... and organize my life... ;-)

6) Actually, my main purpose of getting the iPad is for reading purposes. I don't have to carry a lot of papers or carry my Mac to read pdf files etc. Its also very easy to carry and read without placing or paper or computer on yr lap. Good bedtime reading too!

7) iPhone is good for browsing the Net but iPad have a totally blasting experience! Just couldn't describe until you guys experience it. Imagine a 10" screen instead of the teeny-weeny screen of an iPhone or the BB...

8) I can still use my iPhone apps in my iPad (for example my iQuran and iPray which I purchased earlier)

9) Someone might asked - what about video? I don't watch movies that often but again watching on a bigger screen than iPhone is exhilarating! Youtube are excellent (if you have good network of course).

10) I also bought MaxJournal which is Diary for iPad which I used to jot down my daily thoughts etc... Wow... don't have to carry any diary anymore.... best nye...

11) If you like Digital Photo Frame - look no further. This iPad can replace that Digital Photo Album... All your vacation photos etc can be played 24 hrs... It can be a "big" alarm clock too!! hehe..

12) Don't buy an aquarium because there is an app called "Colorful Aquarium" which turn yr iPad into a digital Aquarium! Don't need to buy fish food....!!

13) I am not into games - but playing games on the iPad brings you to the next level of excitement... Alamak...susah mahu cakap... very thrilling....

Overall - This iPad will replace pen and paper, books and diaries, digital frames and aquariums, DVD players and mp3 players... etc..etc...

What more do you want? iLike...iPad... ;-)

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