Sunday, May 16, 2010

Review: After 1 month using iPad

  1. How often do I use the iPad? As for me, for the past 1 month I have been busy identifying the right applications to download and use. Have been reading alot of reviews.
  2. Finally, Jailbreaking opens up more possibilities for me to test a lot more apps. Apptrackr opens up a whole new world.
  3. I prefer to download "Productivity" apps as compared to others because I see the iPad as a tool to increase my Productivity.
  4. The question - Is it really true that iPad can increase my Productivity?
  5. Even after a month, I don't have much time to explore the features of the apps which I have installed.
  6. Maybe more than 80% usage of iPad is for browsing purposes. Most probably because its very easy to press a simple button and click Safari and in a few seconds, you are visiting the intended sites. Unlike, the laptop which requires a few minutes to boot up. And of course, the iPad screen is no match for iPhone.
  7. Another common app is BlogPress, which is the one I am currently using to post my Blog. Since it is Universal, I have it installed on both iPad and iPhone.
  8. I have 3 ToDo apps i.e ToDo, List N Do and Taska... All three of them sync seamlessly using te onlite task manager Toodledo.com. Very convenient.
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