Saturday, June 12, 2010

Online Purchase

Although I hve many times made online bill payments, funds transfer and subscribing to online services, the feeling is not the same as making physical purchase over the internet.

For example, buying a bag is very difficult mainly because I cannot feel the material, visualize the size and looks of the bag. For example, recently I made a purchase of the iPad Messenger Bag from STM Bag. After a couple of weeks surveying the online for the right model, I decided STM Scout XS is the one but I am still undecided because there are not many reviews on the Net. Some are good and some aren't. A better source of review would be fromYoutube since someone can actually show and comment almost single thing about the Bag. This is quite useful.

Another problem is the color looks different from the website and the one being reviewed over the Youtube.

Finally, after choosing the model and color, the problem would be where to purchase. Couple of sites allowed us to buy online but only Amazon allow to deliver to an overseas address.

Adding the postage and handling is really expensive especially for single purchase. Once ordered, its a matter of anxiously waiting for the parcel to arrive. It more more than 7 business days to arrive. Not bad. I was expecting on June 24 but arrived on June 9.

However, for this first real online purchase, I am very satisfied with the product and delivery.

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