Saturday, March 5, 2011

Purchased mophie juice pack air

  • My iPhone 4 recently seems to drain the battery faster than ever. Most probably due to my high usage of Internet applications such as Whatsapp, Twitter, FB and Foursquare. In fact recently, when Whatsapp introduced its Group Chat, the traffic just increase tremendously.
  • Thus, I decide to buy an extra battery pack - its either Mophie Juice Pack Air or the Exolife. However, after watching the videos regarding both batteries, I decided to buy the Juice Pack.
  • First, I went to Machines in KLCC but it is out of stock even though one of my Twitter friends said they have in stock... :-(
  • However, I finally purchased it at Mac Studio in Low Yat Plaza. The price is RM 318. But they only have either White or Red color. I was trying to get the black one but finally decided to get the White one (since Apple did not launch its White iPhone 4)...

  • But later I realized the problem of getting the right iPhone 4 case for this. Due to its length, I cannot find any that suits it perfectly.

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