Monday, December 6, 2010

DIY - Wireless HOME Networking

STEP 1 - Get a good Internet connection. I used TM's Unifi VIP10 package i.e. 10 Mbps

STEP 2 - Create a Home WiFi. Using DLink wireless router which have its own WiFi SSID, I connect a Time Capsule using Ethernet to the Dlink router with another new SSID. Time Capsule is configured in a Bridge Mode.

STEP 3 - Create a Network Attached Storage wirelessly. I connected 2 TB of WD USB Drives to the USB port of my Time Capsule. The Time Capsule serves as my Time Machine backup (500GB) and the WD drives serves as home storage.

STEP 4 - Create a Home IPTV solution. Using my Apple TV which is connected thru HDMI to my TV, I can now wirelessly stream music and movies to the Apple TV. It can stream in real time or stored in ATV itself. With shared iTunes library, I can also make 3 other Macbooks in my house to share their own personal library.

STEP 5 - Create a wireless printer. Using my cheap HP Deskjet 5020 Series printer. I connected it using my recently purchased Airport Express. Now, we can print wirelessly anywhere from the house.

STEP 6 - Stream music from anywhere in the house. WIth a speaker attached to my Airport Express, anyone with an iTunes can now stream their own favorite music to the speaker.



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