Sunday, February 13, 2011

[HOW-TO] - Jailbreak Apple TV 2 (ATV2) Using GreenPois0n RC6

  • •Finally the Jailbreak for Apple TV 2 has been release by the fantastic Chronic Dev Team! When the team release GreenPois0n RC5, it did not support Apple TV2. 
  • Greenpois0n RC6 now available for both Windows & Mac machines that untethers Apple TV 2G jailbreak on iOS 4.2.1.
To be able to untether iOS 4.2.1 on Apple TV 2G, you have to follow the step by step guide posted here or here and you'll get Apple TV 2G untethered jailbroken on iOS 4.2.1. Download links of greenpois0n RC6 below:

Download Greenpois0n RC6 for Mac OS X
Download Greenpois0n RC6 for Windows
Download iOS 4.2.1 for Apple TV 2G

How To Jailbreak Apple TV2 iOS 4.2.1 With Greenpois0n:
Step 1:
Download Greenpois0n RC6 [Download]
Step 2:
Now move the GreenPoison downloaded file on your desktop and unzip it.
Step 3:
Launch the application by double-clicking greenpois0n icon


Step 4:
You will be prompted, if you want to jailbreak your Apple TV. Click Yes to continue.


Step 5:
Disconnect your Apple TV from the power and USB then click the Jailbreak button.


Step 6:
You will now be instructed to place your Apple TV 2G into DFU mode.


  • Connect your Apple TV in to USB cable immediately.
  • After 7 seconds connect the power adapter.
  • Press and hold MENU and PLAY/PAUSE for 7 seconds
  • Release both the buttons.
Step 7:
Once your device is successfully in DFU mode, jailbreaking process will begin.


Step 8: Once the jailbreak is complete, press the “Complete!” button. Wait 40 seconds as the ramdisk will take that much time for jailbreaking Apple TV2.
You have successfully jailbroken (untethered) Apple TV2 running the latest firmware – iOS 4.2.1

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