Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bought an Airport Express 802.11n WiFi

  • Today, I thought of getting a networking solution for my USB HDDs. I figured an Airport Express would be able to connect via its USB interface and make itself recognized on my Home network.
  • The Airport Express seems to be out of stock almost in every Mac reseller shops (tried MacStudio and Low Yat and Berjaya, and also called all Machines outlet but to no avail). 
  • Finally called Epicentre and lucky enough they said there is stock available. Thus, took a drive to Pavillion to purchase the RM 369 Airport Extreme.
  • The first I was trying to get it connected to my WiFi network. Using cable on Bridge Mode is quite easy and seamless. 
  • However, I have dificulty in getting the WDS to work (using main and remote mode). I configured my Time Capsule which is connected in Bridge Mode to be set as WDS (main) and the Airport Express (remote WDS) but it doesnt work.
  • Finally, I tried the "Join the Wireless Network" setting and voila! It connects to one of the WiFi APs which I have set in my house.
  • Streaming the audio the AE is quite easy but unfortunately I am unable to recognize any USB drives which are connected to its USB.
  • A Google search showed that ONLY Airport EXTREME BS will be able to connect USB drives while Airport EXPRESS is NOT! Damn....!! There goes one of my feature to make a NAS of my USB drives.

  • Finally, I connect all my Western Digital HDDs (2 units of 1TB drives) to the Time Capsule directly.
  • And made my AE part of the Home Network....



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