Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Foursquare Better than Garmin GPS

  • There are times when my Garmin GPS unable to find the right address.
  • Or there are times when you didn't bring your GPS along and you are "lost".
  • This is when Foursquare come to the rescue.
  • For example, I wanted to find CWA (CIMB Wealth Advisor)'s location but somehow it was not registered in the Garmin although it can take me to Damansara Utama.
  • When I was at Damanasara Utama, I was quite lost to find the road.
  • Using Foursquare, I located CWA's location (Search in "Places")

  • Click "More Info" to see its location on a Map.

  • Click the RED dot to open the iPhone's Map app.

  • By clicking the "Directions", it will give the route from your existing location to the destination.

  • Follow the route. Voila!

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