Tuesday, December 7, 2010

[How-To]: Setup HP Deskjet 2050 using Airport Express and Windows XP

I decided to buy Airport Extreme base station. I was looking forward to being able to share my HP Deskjet 2050 off the USB port but didn't know if my old XP PC would be able to use it. After much searching, I found these instructions and all is well:
  1. Make sure the printer is recognised by the base station.
  2. Select 'Add a new printer' in Windows
  3. Select 'Local Printer' in the dialog box (auto detect and install should be off), click next.
  4. Choose 'Create a new port' and "Standard TCP/IP Port'. Click next.
  5. For the printer IP address, enter the address of the base station ie. The port name will be filled automatically. Click next.
  6. For the device type, choose 'Hewlet Packard Jet Direct', then click Finish.
  7. Choose your printer from the list and follow the rest of the prompts to install and configure the driver.



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