Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The New MBA - The Wait is Killing Me...

  1. I have ordered a CTO MBA last Friday (Oct. 22, 2010)
  2. But I received an email from idproof@asia.apple.com requesting for a Credit Card verification which I responded before 5.00pm Friday
  3. On Tuesday, Oct.26, 2010 called Apple and confirmed that the email is genuine from Apple since its their standard procedures to ensure the security of the transaction. 
  4. However, when I called my Credit Card company, they said there is transaction worth that value yet. Thus, I began to believe that Apple has not processed my order yet.
  5. Received a Tweet from Machines (our Malaysian Apple retailer outlet) stating that they have 4 basic models of the new MBAs at stock.
  6. Now I am very tempted to cancel my order and purchase outright from either Mac Studio or Machines.
  7. However, I will allow till this Friday to see if there is any further change to my order status before i decided my cancellation.... *sigh*



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