Monday, October 11, 2010

Limera1n - Let It Ra1n...!!

  • There are things which you cannot wait and one of them is Jailbreak the iPhone 4 iOS 4.1. I have waited this for so long and as mentioned in my previous post - We have been "GreenPois0ned"..!
  • Since Geohot have released its Limera1n solution and GreenPois0n has simply delayed their release because the Dev Team don't want to expose two exploits at the same time, thus, there is no other way but to "Make It Ra1n"...!
  • I encountered a slight problem when I restore from my iOS 4.0.2 to iOS 4.1, the iPhone 4 always have an unknown error 1004 and showed the iTunes cable. Restoring it again doesn't work. Finally, I tried Tiny Umbrella to "Kick Device Out of Recovery". Finally, I managed to restore from my backup.

  1. Download Limera1n for Windows here.
  2. Link your iPhone using the USB with your PC and hit Make it ra1n when a prompter appears.
  3. As the device enters the Recovery mode, hold the Home + Power button and then release thePower button. This would then initiate the DFU mode.
  4. With the above procedures performed you will now see the Limera1n logo on the iPhone screen. It is here that Limera1n will take charge and Jailbreak your iPhone for good.
  5. You can then start the Limer1n app and run Cydia. Upon the completion of the Cydia installation restart your iPhone and praise Geohot for this jailbreak!



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