Sunday, October 31, 2010

[HOW-TO]: Print to an HP Deskjet 2050 all-in-one printer via Time Capsule

Here's how I managed to get my HP Deskjet 2050 all-in-one printer working wirelessly when connected to a Time Capsule. First, you need download the open-source Linux drivers for HP printers from this page. Make sure you download the hpijs package, but also download the Foomatic-RIP and ESP Ghostscript packages from that same page. 

Install the Footmatic and Ghostscript packages, then restart your Mac. You will not be prompted to restart, but it is necessary before you can install the hpijs package. After the restart, install the hpijs package, and restart again. Now go to System Preferences » Print and Fax » Add Printer (click the '+' sign). 

In the Add Printer window, select IP at the top of the window, and use the following settings:
  • PROTOCOL: HP JetDirect-Socket
  • ADDRESS: Obtain and enter the IP of the Time Capsule:, or whatever it actually is.
  • QUEUE: leave blank
  • NAME: HP Deskjet 2050
  • LOCATION: Put whatever you'd like here.
  • PRINT USING: HP Deskjet 2050 (the driver you installed)
Finally, click Add to add the new printer. Essentially, you've tricked the HP printer into thinking the Time Capsule is an HP JetDirect Print Server by setting it up this way. This should work for other similar printers that are supported by the Linux drivers.



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