Thursday, October 28, 2010

Apple Macbook Air Late 2010 - About to cancel my Order

  1. I almost gave up and thinking of canceling my order since the wait is killing me.
  2. I have already send to idproof@asia.apple.com three (3) emails and a fax (22, 23,28 Oct - email and 22 Oct - fax) regarding my Credit Card statement.
  3. I have also called their Customer Service line but they will always refer to the Payment Team (1-800-806-447) which I have very difficult to get a person to enquire until today.
  4. She have actually overlook my email due to their voluminous emails that they have been receiving from their customer. She promised to forward my email for clearance.
  5. Finally, received a call from my Bank to verify my Apple purchase online.
  6. Also received an Order Acknowledgement Email stating a new delivery date i.e. between 4 to 9 Nov.! Original date was between 29 Oct to 2 Nov. (1 week late....!!)



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