Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You Can't Follow Apple App Store

Its interesting to note an article by James Midleton on "App Store Opportunity Overhyped".
He wrote:-
"Despite all the hype around mobile apps, only a minority of consumers download them on a monthly basis. Research released this week based on a survey of more than 25,000 European adults shows that only 4 per cent of all mobile users and 15 per cent of smartphone users download apps at least once per month."
"The exception to this rule, unsurprisingly, is Apple, with 64 per cent of European iPhone users downloading apps on a monthly basis." 
"In this respect, Husson argued that the market opportunity for app stores is somewhat overhyped, and said players should be looking at sources of inspiration other than Apple to provide a unique user experience"
 True enough - Apple have tremendously gained success in their App Store model. Like it or not, the other App Stores have to find the "right formula" in making theirs also a success.

Another article by David Pringle "Apple and Nokia: A tale of two contrasting companies" mentioned:
"The contrast couldn't be greater. Apple's revenues in the quarter ending June 26th were US$15.7 billion, yet it spent only US$464 million on research and development. Nokia's revenues in the quarter ending June 30th were EUR10 billion (US$12.83 billion) and it spent EUR1.48 billion (US$1.9 billion) on R&D - more than four times as much as Apple."
Its worrying to see how Apple grew so fast to overtake the Giant phone maker, Nokia.



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