Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Accessories for my iPad

Bought yesterday and today two accessories for my iPad.

The first one is the Carbon Fibre which protects the back of the iPad. After 20% discount the price is about RM 72.00. Bought during the Epi Centre Mac Discovery Fair in Pavillion.

Its quite easy to stick the Carbon Fibre to the iPad. We only need to apply carefully around the edges of the Apple Logo. I started from the Apple Logo outwards.

The second accessory is the 4-way privacy filter. I saw this kind of filter in Japan but the price is quite exhorbitant i.e. RM 300++.
The one shown below is about RM 183.20 after 20% discount (Originally RM 229). I need to pay another extra RM 10 to ask for their services to apply on my iPad.
The "old" screen protector need to be remove. I asked the customer service guy to keep the old screen protector back on the plastic so that I can re-use it back (if required one day).

At a certain angle you will not be able to see it clearly. That's the reason for privacy filter.

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