Tuesday, May 11, 2010

iPad vs iPhone Usage

People ask me - now after you have purchased the iPad, did you use it regularly and more often than iPhone?
Frankly speaking.... No.
Reason being, iPad is not meant to be carrying around 100% of the time. The size limits the mobility. Unlike iPhone, which you can simply carrying around in the phone case which is placed around the belt.

However, I used iPad regularly when I am home. More often compared to my Macbook and iPhone. How about in the office? Hmmm... I am yet to to be comfortable carrying around in meetings. Its still odd having to replace the Pen and Paper. Not wanting the Boss or colleagues look at you differently during meetings. They might have thought you are not focusing on the meeting but instead busy browsing or do other things...

In my organization, there are currently 2 people using iPads as compred to iPhones.
So, its a matter of time for me to being comfortable carrying the iPad.

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