Sunday, May 9, 2010

Can iPad replace yr traditional Pen and Paper?

Normally what do we carry to meeting? A diary or notepad with pen.

So what can an iPad do? For people who have not been using computer or their PDA for daily use, they might find an iPad to be quite an odd device to use.
Actually, with the right skills, mindset and of course the right appliations, iPad will transform the way you work.

The default apps such as Safari Browser, Email and Calendar are a must.
However, we need other productivity apps to complement what's missing.
I have GoodReader to read pdf files but the iAnnotate app give the extra capability to annotate pdf files. No longer the need for me to print all the pdf files and carry them around!

My List N Do will help me to remind the big and small To-Dos for the week or month. Imagine having this To-Do list everywhere cos I can sync with iPhone too!

Apple Note app is quite simple, that's why I purchased Paperdesk. I can insert photos and also leave an audio note.

Yesterday, I was evaluating few apps for mind mapping and finally decided to buy MindNode. Easy to use app which can easily jot down my thoughts.

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