Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why I Don't Need the iPad 2...

  • You might want to ask this question yourself - if I already have the first generation iPad, do I need to upgrade and get the new iPad 2 which is expected to be launch in March 2, 2011?
  • Personally my answer would be a "NO".... Why?
  • I can be proudly considered myself as one of the earliest iPad owner (bought it in April 15, 2010). The ways I use my iPad have changed in the early months. From the first month, second month and third month. I have Jailbroken it several times. Purchased several accessories for it including a wireless keyboard and the camera connection kit.
  • But somehow, things have changed drastically when I bought the latest Macbook Air which arrived Nov. 4, 2010. The size, weight and power of MBA attracted me so much that I have used the MBA more often and less on my iPad.
  • It seems that all the things which I did on my iPad can be done better on my MBA!! I rarely bring along my iPad to office since its proved not to be the best device for office work. My iPhone is sufficient to cater my iPad needs at office. At work and home, my MBA is my new "best friend".
  • Thus, when rumors mentioned about the latest iPad 2 with its new specs,  somehow it didn't excite me (like it used to excite me every time Apple launch a new product). For an Apple Fanboy, its weird eh?
  • However, let's see in March 2 when Apple reveal the iPad 2 and see whether if there is truly a new breakthrough technology. Apple fans are also quite disappointed with the recent release of Macbook Pros. Hope, Steve Jobs will not disappoint the fans again...



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