Monday, November 1, 2010

Apple Macbook Air Late 2010 - "Prepared for Shipment" Status

  1. At last the New Late 2010 MBA which I ordered on Oct. 22, have changed the status from "Not Yet Shipped" to "Prepared for Shipment" this morning.
  2. The long wait which started with Apple asking for my Credit Card Statement copy for proof of address which I have sent to their email idproof@asia.apple.com and also via fax.
  3. I was about to cancel my order when I double checked with Apple and they apologize for overlook my email. That was on Oct. 28. and Apple have sent a new delivery date.
  4. It's like 4 days (Nov.1-Oct.28) for the status to change (including Sat. and Sunday).
  5. Now, its time for me to wait for their next email regarding the shipping of the MBA!

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