Saturday, January 26, 2013

[How-To] - Install Custom ROM/kernel

[Source: Lowyat.net]

Download the rom you'd like to try on your device. Most roms also required you to install "gapps" as well. You can find the correct ones for the rom you're using in the ROM thread.

Make sure the ROM and Gapps are on your virtual SD card directory.
 Now, open Google Wallet (if you have it installed) and press Options > Settings > Reset Google Wallet. This will prevent the "Secure Element" errors some users have experienced.

Boot into ClockworkMod Recovery by turning your device completely off. Hold volume up, volume down, and power until the green Android with the open chest is displayed.
Navigate to "Recovery Mode" with the volume buttons and select using the power button.

Remember to have a recent nandroid before continuing! Navigate to "wipe data/factory reset" and select it. Select "yes." Wait for the process to complete. This may take some time.

Be patient! Once complete: Navigate to "Install Zip from SD card" and "Choose zip from SD card." Find the rom's .zip and install it.

Once that completes install any applicable gapps' .zip. Select the "Reboot" option.

Congratulations! Your phone should now boot into the custom rom!
Follow the prompts to re-activate your phone.

If you have not Unlock and Root the device, follow the below procedures...

[Part 1 - Profesional Way to Unlock & Root] - Prerequisite
[Part 2 - Profesional Way to Unlock & Root] - Unlocking the Bootloader
[Part 3 - Profesional Way to Unlock & Root] - Root



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