Monday, January 28, 2013

After 4 days of Using Nexus 4 (Nexus 4 vs iPhone 5)

I bought a Nexus 4 on Jan. 24, and this will be my 4 th day using an Android device. This is not my first device using Android because I have used the first Galaxy Note last year but it only lasts about 4 months.
However, I have an urged to get another one when Google released its Jelly Bean and Nexus 4. It was a difficult choice because I am hardcore Apple iPhone user. But still, I have my reasons for choosing Nexus 4 mainly because I am getting bored with the current iPhone 5 with the inability to Jailbreak iOS 6 (and never will).
People have asked me - "how long it will lasts this time?". I smiled... This might be different from what I initially thought. Below are my reasons:-

Price - Affordable Device

A 16 GB Nexus 4 costs about RM 1649 and iPhone 5 of that configuration (16GB) costs about RM 2199. It should be cheaper if you are able to buy outright from Google Play Store. But the price in Malaysia is much higher. However, iPhone's price is regulated by Apple around the world. Thus, Nexus 4 became an affordable device for many consumers. But it seems LG have problems in stocking the device in the market. After two months, many countries still suffer the lack of stocks.

Hardware - Size Does Matter

Although Nexus 4 boasts a slightly bigger pixel resolution 1280x760, it has a lower 318 ppi density with a 4.7 inch display (iPhone 5 has 326 pp with 4 inch retina display). Nexus 4 is slightly heavier. As for me the, the weight is not much of a problem, but the size is not meant to hold with one hand. I wondered why many people love the 5-inch smartphones that will be coming out soon. I have tried the Galaxy Note and its too big to be a smartphone and too small to become a good tablet (even though they called it a "phablet" and in the end it didn't give me any advantage). The 4.7 inch size is good enough to fit in my trouser's pocket and comfortable to be use with two hands but its quite a troublesome for me to reply any message or browse using one hand.

Operating System - iOS Killer

Jelly Bean 4.2.1 has matured and become a competitive contender for iOS 6. It has evolved with various features and giving more controlled to their apps. iOS 6, however, felt almost the same as iOS 5 and its previous iOS. The GUI doesn't change very much. Jelly Bean and the previous Android OS had a very close integration with almost all social media. As a social media freak, I love the way that I can posts almost anything to my favourite Social Media sites without opening another application to do this.
Smooth like a "butter" that's what users said about Jelly Bean. True enough, moving around Nexus this time is much smoother. I used to say that manoeuvring around an Android OS is like "getting lost in the jungle"... but no longer having this problem with Jelly Bean.

Applications - No Difference

I began to wonder what applications iOS have which does not exist in Android? Almost all my favourite apps now existed in Android. Thus, I don't feel lost when I am using Nexus 4. I can almost abandon my iPhone 5 and bring this device as my primary device.

User Control - That's the Success Factor

As a normal user, an iPhone would be the best because it does not require further customisation. If you require to tweak the system further, a Jailbreak is required but with the latest development from Dev Team, it seems an Untethered Jailbreak for iPhone 5 iOS 6 is very far from sight. Personally, I got bored very fast when i can't do much to my phone. I want my mind to be challenge, thus, an Android device give me the ability for the user to hack them. On my second day, I quickly unlocked and rooted the device. However, I refrained from flashing any custom ROMs as for now. Mainly because I wanted the latest Android updates from Google (and this is the main reason why I chose Google's Nexus 4 compared to the likes of Samsung or HTC).


Its a tough decision but I began to believe that I can carry either iPhone 5 or Nexus 4 as my Primary smartphone. The only reason why I did not use Nexus 4 as my Primary now is because I only subscribed a data plan sim card recently for my Nexus 4 (initially I thought of carrying two devices everywhere). Now .. I began to wonder... Let's wait for my next update either a couple of weeks or months and see what happens...



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