Friday, December 14, 2012

My New iPhone 5 Today (1/2/34/5) (14/12/12)

After made the pre-order with RM 200 booking fee, I went to collect my iPhone 5 today (14/12/12) at Iconic Blue Cube Sunway Pyramid at 7.00 pm.
I just can't afford and not that "crazy" to queue at midnight.
When I reached there, several customers already with the Customer Service Reps. I am the only standing waiting for my turn.
It took about 30 minutes to complete all my registration.
I got my White 64 GB with the lowest bill plan RM 98 for 12 months contract.
It has 3GB + 1 GB free data.

I saw a customer besides me complained that his Black iPhone got a scratch and ask for a change.
At first the Cust Svc don't want to change but he insisted.
I am lucky that my white iPhone 5 doesn't have any scratches (thats the main reason I decided to get a white one).



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