Thursday, August 26, 2010

Review: My First Facetime Call Experience

  1. I think the Facetime will be one the key features of iPhone thats gonna be a hit.
  2. Successfully made a Facetime call from my house using WiFi over Streamyx (ADSL) and a colleague using WiFi over UniFi (Telekom Malaysia's new High Speed Broadbadnd using Fiber)
  3. The quality is quite good and the voice quality is excellent (no lag)
  4. Both cameras played a significant role in making the conversation a worthwhile experience. Its fun to switch the camera back and forth to show around the places. It will be a better hit if it can operate over 3G!
  5. The ability to move around the owner's display anywhere around the screen is also cool.
  6. What's more interesting is like you are are really having a conversation with eye-to-eye contact unlike the way you communicate over a video conferencing desktop camera.

NOTE: Received my iPhone 4 on Aug 25, 2010.



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