The below text might seemed a little bit of advertising. However, in order for us to generate the interest for people to use the CitiAct application (explained in my earlier post), we have to offer a Contest. This will also help to create awareness on the usage of the app. Please download the app and provide your feedback.
Are you tired of complaining and not seeing enough result?
We can take charge and jointly be responsible to make our city and our world a better place. 
Now our voice about crime, rubbish issues, illegal parking, pot holes and so forth will be seen and heard by relevant parties and everyone transparently. 
Take action and be CitiAct heroes. 
Download the free CitiAct App from  
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Use the CitiAct to snap a picture of the situation and upload automatically to win great prizes worth total RM100,000 with top range Huawei smart phones. 
Visit our contest site at to track your status. 
You can also track the status of your reports at
Be a CitiAction Hero for a Better City, Better World.