Sunday, November 11, 2012

74 iOS 7 Wish List

1. Easier access to Brightness, Wi-Fi, and BlueTooth [See Number 23]
2. Ability to view time from Notification Center "Tab" instead of having to pull down the whole shade (See Picture)
3. Live Icons for Weather and Clock
4. More functional Lock Screen, such as toggles for turning on the LED flash, and Settings.
5. Add more functionality to the Spotlight Search screen (See video)
6.Better Multitasking View (Viewing All Screens at once, similar to Mission Control)
7. Ability to reply to text messages, without having to leave the currently opened application
8. A "Kill All" button for the multitasking bar
9. Ability to set seconds in the Timer in the Clock Application
10. Ability to download and save files from Safari (unified place where all downloads are stored)
11. Ability to add photos to Photo Stream (After the photos have been taken)
12. Ability to add folders within folders
13. A native iOS flashlight application (or maybe a toggle implemented on the lock screen)
14. A native iOS dictionary application (or the ability to type the word into spotlight for definitions)
15. A native iOS application to view cellular data usage and data plan information (or a sheet of information when the carrier name at the top is tapped)
16. Ability to stream Movies and TV Shows via iCloud
17. Ability to add photos to notes in the Notes Application.
18. Ability to set text color and use text formatting in the Notes Application
19. Ask Siri to check where your iDevices are located (Integration with Find My iPhone)
20. A Weather app for iPad
21. EQ access from the Music application
22. Easier method to dismiss notification banners
23. Settings widget for Notification Center
24. Apps update automatically in the background. (Every time the device is plugged in, locked, and connected to Wi-Fi)
25. Animated Wallpapers for Lock Screen and Home Screen
26. Low Battery Alert appears as a banner instead of a pop-up
27. Ability to change when the Low Battery Alert appears (maybe at 50%, or 5%)
28. Ability to disable Auto-Lock from Multitask Bar or Notification Center
29. Ability to find words in a particular note in the Notes Application
30. Panorama function in the Camera Application (Update: This feature was introduced alongside the new iPhone 5. This feature will be available for iPhone 5 and 4S)
31. Group video chatting in FaceTime (More than 2 people)
32. An RSS Widget for Notification Center.
33. Password-Protect certain notes in the Notes Application
34. Ask Siri for language translations
35. When Wi-Fi or cellular data connection is not available, have Siri automatically turn off and switch to voice control
36. Ask Siri to record Voice Memos
37. When notifications are deleted from Notification Center, automatically remove the badges associated with the notification
38. When using Spotlight Search, have at least two results from the web appear. One being Wikipedia (if available) and the other being the top result on Google. If Wikipedia isn't available, then just the two top results from Google,
39. Cover Flow for iPad
40. Ability to ask Siri for the latest headlines
41. Ability to split iPad's screen to truly multitask
42. Ability to do launch other apps while watching videos on the Videos app on iPad. (Relates back to #41)
43. Ability to type words into Spotlight for definitions (dictionary functionality in Spotlight)
44. Ability to optimize and filter iTunes Wi-Fi sync.
45. Ability to record the screen and view recorded content in Photos app. (Maybe a built in toggle in the Camera app?)
46. Ability to delete individual items from Notification Center, rather then having to delete all of them
47. Ability to group together notifications in Notification Center.
48. Ability to add more than 12 (iPhone) or 20 (iPad) apps to a folder. (Scroll-able folders) 
49. Advanced camera settings for camera app (effects, timers, and exposure settings) 
50. Have phone automatically switch to silent based on location/calendar settings
51. Bus routes and walking routes in Maps application
52. Ability to copy text within a text message, rather then having to copy the whole message 
53. Find My iPhone can't find devices that are turned off, so have a passcode required to turn off the device, so thieves can't turn it off
54. Have 3 reminders for missed calls, similar to text messages
55. Location-based settings for enabling and disabling Do Not Disturb
56. Display detailed battery info when battery icon on status bar is tapped 
57. Redesigned lock screen playback controls (to reflect the new music app)(Update: This was added in iOS 6.1).
58. Ability to add a new homepage in between existing pages 
59. Movies, TV Shows, and Music Videos have their own sections in Videos app 
60. Ability to switch between card and list view when viewing search results for apps
61. Ability to move/delete multiple apps at one time
62. Have a geo-fence for turning on and off Wi-Fi and 3G
63. Have the devices detect when you're at home, or connected to your home Wi-Fi, and automatically turn off the passcode
64. Ability to tag people in a post when posting to Facebook via Notification Center
65. If Facebook and Twitter accounts aren't integrated and logged into, don't display the option to share them on the share sheet at all
66. Better notification center for iPad; one that takes half the screen, has more widgets, and is much more functional
67. Ability to forward Voicemail messages
*new 68. Expand Guided Access to lock user within a certain folder of apps
69. Have Calander/Reminders alert you 2 more times after initial alert 
70. For iPad, enable the ability to set how the wallpaper will be when it's in portrait and landscape 
71. Ability to view saved Autofill enteries individually in Settings
72. Ability to view saved Wi-Fi Connections individually in Settings
73. WPS support for connecting to Wi-Fi
74. Ability to hide Stock applications

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