Thursday, October 4, 2012

Malaysia to Launch iPhone 5 on Oct 25., 2012

Many people predicted the launch date of iPhone 5. A more reliable source from the telco gave Oct. 25 as the date. This is more reasonable date because of the following:

  • Rumours regarding Pre-Order date on Oct. 19 which is usually a week before the actual launch.
  • Oct. 26 in Malaysia is a holiday (Hari Raya Haji) and thus, a day earlier would be a better day.
  • Friday is usually the best day for product announcement from Apple.
  • Apple Store Singapore online order still "unavailable" till today because Apple wanted to give a headstart for the Singapore telcos to offer "packaged/contract" iPhones. One month is sufficient for the headstart.
  • If Apple offer to Malaysia before they open back for orders on Apple Store Singapore, it will hurt Singapore's market - if the price is lower (usually it is lower - example iPhone 4S).
Well... That's my rationale. I'm not sure about yours. Its the unknown date that excites many people. Let's wait and see in a couple of weeks.

Actually Malaysia launched in Dec. 14, 2012.



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