Friday, August 24, 2012

[FREE] - eBook/iBook Draft Edition "My Gadget iOS HOW-TO Tips"

I am thinking of compiling selected TIPS posted in this Blog regarding iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Macbook etc into this eBook. I have uploaded (see link below - but limited to 10 persons only) to the DropSend website.

Please comment (if any). This is just a simple draft but I will continue compiling it and release the full version later.

File nameDescriptionSize
How-To Tips (draft ver 0.1).pdfSize: 4.1MB
(Aug. 24, 2012) Ver 0.1 - Download: http://myaccount.dropsend.com/file/6bccb9c211d79e32

Update (Aug. 25, 2012) Ver 0.11 - Download: http://myaccount.dropsend.com/file/b144c7743fa80a71



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